Wayne Evans and Gary Haydon dominate the TRINTY CYCLES combined A and B grade criterium at Woree on Sunday.

The combination of grades and the shortening of the days programme was due a large amount of traffic expected for a dance studio competition to be held around 9.30am Credit to Bluey Forsyth’s ABC Sports show where a spokeswoman for the Dance studio heard RACE COMMASAIR Richie Bates discussing  Sundays racing. Quick thinking from Richie and Damien Ingram along with the approval of race sponsor Oliver Wacek allowed some fine tuning and so avoided what would have been a complete Shemozzle.

The usual suspects Grahame Allen, Scott Beaven, and Fiona Yard were solid in the early stages as were Gary Haydon and Shane Gelling. The pace strong with many riders waiting for an A grade attack and they didn’t have wait long as Damien Ingram shot past the judges area and cleared out obviously testing the water as Haydon, Michael Haseldine and Jason Berry- Porter were soon alongside the tearaway. The large field of 27 riders were a spectacular sight as they headed for the sprint lap. Into Spotto for the dash for cash, Officials Mundi Allen, Glenys Huyser and the course caller had their work cut out in deciphering the result with the mix of grades However over the rise Damien Ingram and Simon Hubbard hit the front together with Damien edging out Simon in a thrilling sprint finish. Taking the B grade sprint was Neil Gregory from Jason Berry-Porter.

Sprint out of the way and suited by the large field Wayne Evans made his move to sneak a break and on a course where Wayne excels, this move unless checked could prove a match winner however the inform Gary Haydon left the peloton and Joined Evans in the lead and from there, lap by lap second by second the pair were slowly increasing their lead. An attempt from Michael Haseldine didn’t attract partners to assist in chasing the leaders down so this was short lived. Only two laps out and it looked like the chasing bunch where going for second in both grades, and so it was into the straight for the final time Evans and Haydon who had been working together for most of the journey where now in a heated battle for supremacy would it be Haydon spoiling the A grade image or Evans not long back in the saddle from his severe leg injury of last year. Over the rise Wayne Evans edged his way passed Gary Haydon and went on to score a narrow victory over Gary, and one would expect that Gary Haydon will be sporting a single figure digit the next time he competes.

Michael Haseldine finished 2nd in the A’s with Simon Hubbard 3rd followed by Damien Ingram. Scotty Beaven chased Haydon in the B’s with 3rd spot going to Neil Gregory and the improving David Hutton fourth. Solid performances were attributed to Fiona Yard, Shane Gelling, Nathan Sciani and Grahame Allen, and Aimee Ingram back on the bike after a couple of nasty race crashes was content to roll around mid-pack to edge toward re-joining the Rush Women’s Team when their racing season  heats up in a few months.


Al Hodge and Andrew Harper rolled to the front early with Mark Proctor and Cody Haseldine always in contention. A nice even pace had all riders with no excuses although veteran Jeff Hartley content to do his own race at the back had slipped behind the main group. Jeff with his eyes set on the World masters titles next year in New Zealand is enjoying getting the miles in his legs in prep for a crack at the road race at that meeting to be staged in Auckland.

With Young Track rider Brandon Hutton in the field the sprint most thought would belong to Brandon however the ever improving Andrew Harper had other ideas as he narrowly outgunned Hutton in a close sprint finish. Sprint over and with the race distance reduced because of the time factor in regards to the Dance Studio traffic issues, many thought that noted sprinters in Hutton, Kane Hodge and father Al would make it difficult for the rest of the field however Harper another Youngster in Cody Haseldine, solid performer Mark Proctor and NEW Comer to the circuit Damien Smith were all possible contenders as they swept into the final laps. D grade rider Paul Mitchell also showed he was up to the next grade in a promising first up showing.

Sorting themselves out on the final lap it appeared as though Andrew Harper, Cody Haseldine and Brandon Hutton were gaining the upper hand and indeed they were as all three cruised to front over the rise in Spotto and as in the sprint Andrew Harper and Brandon Hutton went Hammer and Tongs to the wire to complete the same Quinella followed by Cody Haseldine and Kane Hodge.

D grade saw a win to Paul Mitchell over Jeff Hartley.


Only four starters Emily Houston, Gabbi Thomas, Kirsten Standage and Alex Hall faced the starter this was due to a number of women riding in a mountain bike race at Paluma. The field became seven when Fiona Yard, Aimee Ingram and Wayne Evans joined the group as non-combatants.

All four women rode at a steady pace throughout and only at the sprint did we really see fireworks as Gabbi Thomas defeated Emily Houston and Alex Hall. At times Fiona clicked up the pace and the group heading into the last section of the race were all looking strong, no one dropped and the spectators more than pleased with the standard. Emily Houston and Gabbi Thomas had been in excellent form of late and were being touted as the main contenders however Alex Hall improving in every race she contends wasn’t going away and Kirsten Standage in her second only Criterium and being encouraged by the Non CONBATANTS wasn’t far of their wheels.

Final lap and the small field loomed up over the rise and Gabbi Thomas with her superior sprinting record drew away to defeat Alex Hall and Emily Houston with a gallant Kirsten Standage fourth.

The Four girls put up a top performance and we look forward to a bigger field when next we visit the Woree raceway for the third of the TRINITY CYCLES Criteriums.

Thanks to all our fantastic volunteers and especially to Oliver who gave up his ride to man the station and Glenys and Mundi for putting up with the Course commentator. Where were you Kim? Skiing in Queenstown is no excuse.

All roads or should I say road lead to Bramston Beach next SUNDAY. See you there.