Club membership options

To become a member of Cairns Cycling Club, you need to register with Cycling Australia. Cycling Australia (CA) offers memberships for all levels and abilities of riding, from young kids just starting out to the professionals in the peloton. When registering via CA, you can nominate Cairns Cycling Club as your club. 

There are several membership options. Note that if you wish to race with Cairns Cycling Club, you must take out a Race licence. 

Follow this link to register or to renew your Cycling Australia membership. 


Memberships and discounts for MTBA and TRIA

We finally received a formal reply from Cycling Australia regarding a discount for those who are renewing or registering for CA licenses but also hold a mountain bike, bmx or tri licence: “MTBA/BMXA/TRIA members are entitled to $50 off their Cycling Australia membership provided they have at least 3 months left on their current MTBA/BMXA/TRIA membership. We encourage all riders to either join or renew their membership online and once completed send us (Cycling Australia, either their bank account details or credit card details along with a copy of their MTBA membership card and we will organise a $50 refund.”


Want to try out racing before signing up for the year? Grab a 1 or 3-race licence

Cycling Australia offers 1 day or 3 race (within 3 months) licences. Just follow this link to purchase one of these licences. 
All race participants are required to nominate prior to a race. Regular members do this via their CA membership login. If you have a 1 or 3 race licence, you won’t have such a login, so you must email day before at latest to nominate. Please bring cash to pay for your nomination fee on the day.