by Trevor Scaloppini

The Donny Huyser Omnium Super-show came to town last week and track fans were not disappointed.

Four grades battled it out over 3 disciplines vying for top points in the first of the two race series.
Alan Jones, fresh from his tour de microphone, was at his calling best as we saw some of the closest match ups of the season in the time trail, pursuit and keirin.

It was Ladies Day in D grade with Alana Rayner and Nicole Holt taking the first night placings respectively. Alana looked set for clean sweep after wining the unlikely double of Kieran and Pursuit. However Nicole showed us her TT legs by laying down a nice time in the 500 to get a 5 pointer on the board.

The ever competitive Al Marcic doing the best of the blokes will be back this Wednesday keeping the pressure on. Honourable mentions to rookie Alan Henwood and the comeback kid Brendan Garner – watch for improvement from these two in the coming months.

More female sprint dominance with Tennille Falappi winning the C grade Keirin and TT in fine style, however Michael Reid showed that the Omnium is all about consistency still coming away with top points for the evening. His 2:54 chase put him in a pursuit class above and sets up an intriguing final week with Chris Chastre also looking the goods in what could be a thriller.

B grade was a little light on numbers but had plenty of experience with newcomer Michael Keetman (the Dutch invasion continues) posting strong times for a lead over Josh Rayner and Tom Cook. Against the clock Keetman was too quick, however this week’s racing presents new opportunities for Cook and the flying wombat. Don’t miss this Finale!

A “Brandon Free Zone” opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the A graders as the battle lines of young vs old were drawn. David Hutton made the most of every opportunity with wins in the Keirin and TT while Luke Azzo Powered to the only sub 2:40 pursuit of the evening giving these two a great opening account. Larcombe kept the points ticking over while Bates showed why he would rather eat worms than ride 2km. Is it possible that Brandon can still win the series by clean sweeping this week’s events? I don’t think so, but come and watch him try anyway..

The juniors had their own 3 race card too, with a TT, scratch and handicap giving the youngsters plenty to keep them busy. Siena Goulding once again taking multiple races while Rene Thompson and Verety Pickford keeping pace nicely. Sophie and Lily Larcombe were also in the mix. Good to see Smith Park’s elder statesman and grandad Jim up and about after a tumble last week..


CAIRNS CYCLING CLUB   –   OMNIUM   –  8 & 15 August 2018
Results 8 August 2018
Name Grade Event Points Ind Pursuit Time Points Sub Total 500m TT Time Points Sub Total
HUTTON, David A Keirin 5 Ind Pursuit 2:52:12 1 6 500m TT 37:77 5 11
AZZOPARDI, Luke A Keirin 3 Ind Pursuit 2:38:34 5 8 500m TT 39:53 2 10
BATES, Richie A Keirin 4 Ind Pursuit 3:01:51 0 4 500m TT 38:78 4 8
LARCOMBE, Rodney A Keirin 2 Ind Pursuit 2:45:59 3 5 500m TT 39:09 3 8
REYNOLDS, Greg A Keirin 0 Ind Pursuit 2:45:42 4 4 500m TT 39:81 1 5
BEAVEN, Scott A Keirin 1 Ind Pursuit 2:45:94 2 3 500m TT 0 DNS 3
Name Grade Event Points Ind Pursuit Time Points Sub Total 500m TT Time Points Sub Total
KEETMAN, Michael B Keirin 4 Ind Pursuit 2:55:17 4 8 500m TT 38:86 5 13
RAYNER, Josh B Keirin 5 Ind Pursuit 2:51:04 5 10 500m TT 39:88 4 14
COOK, Tom B Keirin 3 Ind Pursuit 2:56:02 3 7 500m TT 42:02 3 9
Name Grade Event Points Ind Pursuit Time Points Sub Total 500m TT Time Points Sub Total
REID, Michael C Keirin 4 Ind Pursuit 2:54:81 5 9 500m TT 42:01 4 13
FALLAPI, Tennille C Keirin 5 Ind Pursuit 3:12:12 1 6 500m TT 40:97 5 11
CHASTRE, Chris C Keirin 3 Ind Pursuit 3:02:28 4 7 500m TT 42:43 3 10
PROCTOR, Mark C Keirin 2 Ind Pursuit 3:04:27 2 4 500m TT 43:02 2 6
PIERCY, Idan C Keirin 1 Ind Pursuit 3:03:96 3 4 500m TT 44:51 1 5
Name Grade Event Points Ind Pursuit   Points Sub Total 500m TT   Points Sub Total
RAYNER, Alana D Keirin 5 Ind Pursuit 3:17:54 5 10 500m TT 46:51 4 14
HOLT, Nicole D Keirin 4 Ind Pursuit 3:29:13 3 7 500m TT 44:58 5 12
MARCIC, Alan D Keirin 3 Ind Pursuit 3:18:94 4 7 500m TT 47:05 2 9
Henwood, Alan D Keirin 1 Ind Pursuit 3:33:98 2 3 500m TT 46:88 3 6
GARNER, Brendan D Keirin 2 Ind Pursuit 3:48:05 1 3 500m TT 48:33 1 4
    Omnium Points per event per grade  – 1st 5pts,   2nd 4pts,   3rd 3pts,   4th 2pts,   5th 1pt



Event Name Time Place


Sienna Goulding 42:4 1
Rone Thompson 44:6 2
Verety Pickford 44:6 3
Lily Larcombe 51:5 4
Sophie Larcombe 1:05:00 5
H’Cap Sienna Goulding Scr 1
  Rone Thompson 30 2
  Verety Pickford 30 3
  Sophie Larcombe 160 4
  Lily Larcombe   5
3 Lap Scratch Sienna Goulding   1
  Rone Thompson   2
  Verety Pickford   3
  Sophie Larcombe   4