This week sees the return of intrepid cycling correspondent Trevor Scallopini from 2 weeks in a detox clinic. Scallopini’s self-imposed rehabilitation came about after inhaling the burning rubber fumes from a Brandon Hutton flying 200.

Brandon Hutton’s win from 30 metres behind scratch on Wednesday night was undoubtedly one of the rides of the year and testimony that the allure of the wheelrace is alive and well for spectators and riders alike.

Set the herculean task of chasing down 200 metre front markers over 3 laps, Hutton wasted no time getting down to the task. Fellow backmarker Luke Azzopardi’s junior gear was no match for the 100 plus inches that Hutton was wielding, and could only watch on as the sprint star began hauling in his opposition like a man possessed.

Despite the rear-guard fury, the middle markers were well organised setting a hot pace and quickly rounding up the front group. With Rod Larcombe and Doc Reed coming into contention in the final lap, Hutton still had some traffic to pass and needed to draw on every reserve of fitness to reach the determined leaders.

With 50 to go Hutton’s run looked abated, but he gave it one last effort and found the line for a narrow victory over Reed, Larcombe and Cook. It was the most thrilling of chases and credit to all the competitors for the most entertaining of events.

Keirins – Once again Brandon too strong in the A grade with the remaining contenders wondering who is faster, Dozer or the motorbike.

The hipster wombat too slick for B grade and potentially staking a claim for an A grade return?

Mark Proctor left the one trick pony at home and powered through for a crafty all the way win.

In the scratch races, Neil Gregory bided his time beautifully for a first up win and reminded us that he can never be underestimated. While Azzopardi was again an honourable runner up to Brandon in the opening and closing races.  James ‘Shaping the future’ Mort on debut handled the fix wheel with aplomb and we look forward to his return after a few Penang curries with Donny.

In the freewheelers Tom Huyser came up with a 3peat from Luca, while big brother Eijah made a solid return with a win in the junior handicap. Sienna Goulding picked up two wins with Sophie and Lily in the places. Special mention to Jackson Granger, first time on the track bike and handled it with style!         

Track 29/08/2018          
Seniors A Scratch Race   Seniors A Points Race
Points Race
  Juniors Freewheelers ITT H/Cap Scratch
HUTTON, Brandon 1   HUTTON, Brandon 6 1   HUYSER, Thomas 1 1 1
AZZOPARDI, Luke 2   AZZOPARDI, Luke 4 2   WILLIAMS, Luca 2 2 2
BATES, Richie 3   LARCOMBE, Rodney 1 3          
HUTTON, David 4                  
LARCOMBE, Rodney 5                  
        Points Race
Points Race
  Juniors Fixies ITT H/Cap Scratch
Seniors A2 /B Scratch Race   RAYNER, Josh 8 1   GOULDING, Sienna 1 3 1
GREGORY, Neil 1   HUTTON, Greg 3 2   WILLIAMS, Elijah 2 1 2
COOK, Tom 2           LARCOMBE, Lily 3 4 4
PROCTOR, Mark 3           LARCOMBE, Sophie 4 2 3
REED, Michael 4   Keirin 1       GRANGER, Jackson 5 5 5
RAYNER, Alana 5   HUTTON, Brandon 1            
HUYSER, Don 6   BATES, Richie 2            
MORT, James 7   HUTTON, David 3            
      AZZOPARDI, Luke 4            
Handicap All In  Place   LARCOMbe, Rodney 5            
HUTTON, Brandon 1                  
REED, Michael 2   Keirin 2              
LARCOMBE, Rodney 3   RAYNER, Josh 1            
COOK, Tom 4   HUTTON, Greg 2            
      HUTTON, David 3            
      COOK, Tom 4            
      REED, Michael 5            
      Keirin 3              
      PROCTOR, Michael 1            
      RAYNER, Alana 2            
      HUYSER, Alana 3            
      MORT, James 4            
      HENWOOD, Alan 5