Accusations of bias and favouritism were leveled against last week’s Scallopini Report. This week Trev seeks to redress any concerns with a completely objective assessment of the evening’s racing…

Track report 19/9/18

by Trevor Scallopini

Smith Park was aglow with adulation of Asia Pacific Champions Donny Huyser and James Mort last Wednesday night. The veteran hardmen returned to the track action sporting swag of medals and curry stained lycra as testimony to their performances.

While not victorious on the evening both accounted themselves well in strong racing that has reached new levels of competitiveness on the velodrome.

The opening scratches saw no real surprises with the inform Tom Cook and Brandon Hutton taking out the wins in B and A grade respectively. Cook backed up from what was one of through toughest road races of the year last Sunday in Millaa, and has become something of a fitness freak with his ability to ride as many races as possible midweek.

In the Keirins, trash talking cycle chick Julie Scharf burst back onto the track scene with an all the way win that pushed Jonesy’s heart rate to new limits. Julie managed to hold off a fast finishing Alana Rayner and promising track newcomer Steve Davies.

Speed merchant Rod Armstrong was again too quick in his division getting home in front of Huyser and Murray.

Tom Cook made it two from two after his division and looked near unstoppable at this point leaving the flying wombat and the pieman in his wake.

Brandon dispatched the field with his usual ease but not before an eye catch effort from Greg Reynolds. The Reynolds proved he was up to the task in A grade and is now looking like rookie of the year material with his continual improvement through the ranks.

Wheelrace honours went to Kevin Murray. After his promising debut last week, the former Zimbabwean made great use of his athleticism and handicap mark to defeat Michael Reed and handicap specialist Rod Larcombe. Not without controversy this race was subject to howls of “The humanity!” as Jonesy protested the cruel? mark of Brandon Hutton. However the tide turned with the voice of cycling questioning the effort of team Hutton over the three laps!    

In the closing scratches Doc Reed made no mistake of the outcome with a power finish from Steve Davies and Kevin Murray. Luke Azzopardi’s win in the A over Brandon Hutton was treat behold and anyone wanting to see the elite future of our sport should get down to Smith Park to watch these young stars go head to head before an international career takes them away – it is truly awesome have emerging talent like this Cairns.

Speaking of which, the juniors gave us their best and everyone was enthralled with the finishes that transpired in their events. Verity, Sienna, Rene and Elijah kept us entertained in races that had everything for the spectator. Trying to pick the winner was near impossible as the leads and fortunes changed over the closing laps. Likewise Lily, Jackson and Sophie put on great skills in their division. Freewheelers Luca and Tom show we have plenty of depth and more talent to come.

M/P Scratch Race Division A Division B   JUNIORS

Free Wheelers

ITT Timed 1 Lap h’Cap 2 Lap Scr
1 Brandon Hutton Tom Cook   1 Thomas Huyser Thomas Huyser Thomas Huyser
2 Richie Bates Michael Reid   2 Luca Williams Luca Williams Luca Williams
3 Luke Azzopardi Kevin Murray          
        Junior Fixies B      
12 Lap Scratch       1 Lily Larcombe Sophie Larcombe Lily Larcombe
1   Michael Reid   2 Jackson Granger Lily Larcombe Sophie Larcombe
2   Steve Davies   3 Sophie Larcombe Jackson Granger Jackson DNS
3   Rod Armstrong          
        Junior Fixies A ITT 2 Lap H’Cap 3 Lap Scr
        1 Verity Pickford Verity Pickford Verity Pickford
15 Lap Scratch A1 A2   2 Sienna Goulding Sienna Goulding Sienna Goulding
1 Luke Azzopardi Greg Hutton   3 Rone Thompson Rone Thompson Rone Thompson
2 Brandon Hutton Josh Rayner   4 Elijah Williams Elijah Williams Elijah Williams
3 Greg Reynolds Rodney Larcombe          
1 Kevin Murray      
2 Michael Reid      
3 Rodney Larcombe      
Keirins Keirin A Keirin B    
1 Brandon Hutton Tom Cook    
2 Greg Reynolds Josh Rayner    
3 Richie Bates Greg Hutton    
Keirins Keirin C Keirin D    
1 Rod Armstrong Julie Scharf    
2 Don Huyser Alannah Rayner    
3 Kevin Murray Steve Davies