At the recent Cycling Queensland Board meeting the proposal to extend the utilisation of the Regional License has been adopted. On a trial basis, this will therefore see Cycling Queensland offer Regional Licenses throughout Central and Northern Queensland Clubs. Cairns Cycling Club now has the option to offer Regional Licenses for purchase from June 2017 offering around $100 discount to new members.


Regional License Trial

The success of this trial would be based around the positive impact to overall Masters, Elite and U23 memberships for those clubs taking part in the trial. Monthly membership comparisons and feedback from clubs will be compiled for review by the CQ Board in September 2018, for a decision to be made about the ongoing use of the license.

Key features of the Cycling Queensland Regional License

  • The Regional License will only be available to members in the regional clubs nominated by CQ and who live in the region.
  • Members who hold a Regional License can only compete in club only, and interclub events. Riders wishing to take part in Open, or State/National Championship events will be required to hold a full license.
  • Regional Licenses would be made available from June 2017, under 6-month Regional License pricing, and throughout the 2018 membership year.


So if you are aware of someone that has been considering becoming a member but has balked at the price, be sure to let them know that they are now able to become a member a member at a discounted rate enabling them to race and receive all the insurance benefits offered int eh past.