Day 1,  116 km, Our 18 Cairns riders crossed the line in this order…
5th Simon Hubbard highest placed Cairns rider in A
7th Andrew Harper
9th Matthew Driver
11th Kieran Mouldey
15th  Mark Hogan
18th Gary Haydon
19th Shane Gelling
20th Brendon Skerke
28th Grahame Allen highest placed Cairns rider in B (8th in B)
29th Fiona Yard (9th)
30th Bernard Cossar Smith
33rd Andrei Tonello
35th Jamie Holman
36th Tobia Kipper
37th Damien Ingram
49th Paul Thuesen
57th Michael Mehonoshen highest placed Cairns rider in C
61st Jeffery Hartley highest placed Cairns rider in D
Doc managed to hang in there doing the 116km in 4hrs 19min 26sec
Bernard Cossar-Smith won king of the Mountain in B grade so had some bonus seconds & became highest placed in B
A race debrief was conducted over lunch that included a few beers & a few more by some!
Later that night presentations of leaders Jerseys was done at the Race dinner. With the Cairns riders getting their dinners last a few more beers where consumed!
The performance of some Cairns riders seemed to improve after the nights drinking!
Day 2  riders crossed the line in this order 
2nd Damien Ingram
4th Mark Hogan
8th Simon Hubbard
9th Gary Haydon
10th Matthew Driver
11th Brendon Skerke
12th Andrew Harper
14th Tobia Kipper
16th Kieran Mouldey
20th Jamie Holman
27th Bernard Cossar-Smith
29th Fiona Yard
31st Grahame Allen
38th Paul Thuesen
40th Shane Gelling
46th Michael Mehonoshen
55th Jeffery Hartley
Cairns riders Overall after adjustments
4th Mark Hogan
7th Simon Hubbard
8th Andrew Harper
9th Matthew Driver
12th Kieran Mouldey
17th Gary Haydon
18th Brendon Skerke
20th Damien Ingram 
21st Tobia Kipper
23rd Jamie Holman
26th Bernard Cossar-Smith 3rd in B grade overall
30th Grahame Allen (7th)
31st Fiona Yard (8th)
35th Shane Gelling
38th Paul Thuesen
47th Michael Mehonoshen
55th Jeffery Hartley 3rd in D grade overall

Overall Winners:
A Grade – 1st Dan Rubach 2nd Kelvin Robertson 3rd Shane Marcus
B Grade – 1st Ash O’Neill 2nd Dirk Hoult 3rd Bernard Cossar-Smith (CCC)
C Grade – 1st Nick Kosanovic 2nd Baily Devantier-Thomas 3rd Michael Hibble
D Grade – 1st David O’Connell 2nd Richard Foster 3rd Jeff Hartley (CCC)
Women – 1st Mandy Doolan 2nd Deb Latouf 3rd Jo Koy 

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