2020 sees the return of Trevor Scallopini after a significant absence from the sport. There is some speculation he’d been away recuperating from a liver transplant, or perhaps had an extended visit to the Crossbar Motel.

Either way, Trev’s report has hit our desks just in time as Jonesy recovers from a bad case of food poisoning…

Scallopini Report 2/3/20

Racing is back in 2020, and i don’t think I’ve seen a better start to the season for track or road since John Philp scorched the bitumen as a junior.


Last Wednesday’s “Back to the 90’s” was treat for those wanting to see real pedaling at Smith Park and we witnessed an even playing field for some close competition.

Brandon Hutton’s haul of 3 bronze and 1 silver from the state titles was a great first year result in the elite ranks. And despite the 90 inch gear requirement, he got the job done in the scratch races albeit with the place-getters a little closer to him than usual. Big brother David pounded the pedals for a strong second in the Keirin and the Flying Wombat continues on with some of the most consistent form of the modern era* also getting a podium on the night.

Results were shared around in B grade with a combined scratch win to Gaby Thomasz, and then more hot Hollandaise sauce with the Dutch Juggernaut Michael Keetman proving to be nearly as hard to get around as Rod Larcombe when he’s angry.

Ricky Groth proved to be too quick in C grade but not before rookie ladystar (yes that’s a word) Petra Anderson took the fight right up to him in a couple of finishes. Both Ricky and his brother Miguel continue to excite us with their development as young riders. Ricky with the sheer speed, Miguel with the cool under pressure endurance – keep watching this space folks.

However, ride of the night for me went to Gavin Scott in the handicap. I first saw Gav trundle around the park 20 odd years ago. He’s back now a better rider and he put it all together for a nice win in front of the Groth boys. Brandon chased hard from the backmarks, but clearly the Dozer is lacking that bit extra support in not having Luke Azzopardi to work with in rearguard attack. Not doubt Lukey will be reading this report in Majorca while training with his German squad mates. Achtung baby!

Special mention to two Juniors, Aiden and Rhiana making the step up to some open grade competition. Training well and enjoying their cycling will be a formula for future success.


Awesome size fields for the first event at the new Bungalow Criterium course. The road circuit proved safe and popular on the day, and we look forward to more classic contests on the industrial precinct.

It has been sometime since we’ve had junior categories compete on the road, so many thanks to Rob Pickfiord and the junior committee for supporting this vital development initiative. With two divisions on offer, this gave the kids a chance to get acquainted with riders of similar abilities. In Division 1, Liam and Ryan went 1st and 2nd, and then Verety and Chloe turned on a great finish in that order.

The women’s grade had quite a few first starters with some genuine cycling talent in the field. It is pleasing to see the steady growth in women’s competition, and it certainly added to the overall vibe of the morning having such an inclusive program. Megan Pickford took the win, and that came as no surprise to me as I’ve seen some of her power training efforts at Smith Park on Monday’s ladies night, after I’m heading home from a session at Raintrees Tavern.

Jack Woods on debut up here was too strong in D grade and will be making the trip to C company next time. Good to have Jack visiting from SA, and let’s hope this young feller is around a bit longer.

Nobody grinds a big gear better than Doc Reid. The Celtic powerhouse was too strong in the run to the line and you would have to think this is a cyclist with a big upside if he can get some more races under his belt.

Undoubtedly, Team Totally Workwear did their sponsor proud and set the scene for a sensational year with Adam Johnstone winning B Grade and ‘FW’ Rayner taking the A victory. Adam’s final break in the closing stages spoke volumes about his commitment and fitness, in what was a truly run and very competitive race. If ever there was a ride at the start of a season that says ‘look at me’ it was this one.
Meanwhile Josh used his track-craft to get the win from Gary Haydon, and from then on you could hear the champagne corks popping in the TWW marquee.

Thanks to our sponsors, officials and marshals for a scintillating morning on the bike and we look forward to seeing everyone back at Bungalow next week when the King of Commentary Alan P Jones makes his road season return.

*possibly not an accurate statement