CAIRNS BICYCLE CENTRE- Criterium Series – Race 3


Jonesy, Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Warrnambool and back to Woree with a string of victories culminating in clinching the Third of CAIRNS BICYCLE CENTRES CRITERIUMS on Sunday by narrowly holding off Dominic Hoyal.

Wayne Evans riding in fantastic form over the past couple of months added his second Crit victory in this series to his brilliant ride in the Melbourne to Warrnambool CLASSIC where Evans stood atop the podium in his division.

Starting the popular elect in a field of nine Evans didn’t always have it his own way, as from the outset the pace was set by Nathan Sciani, Bernard Cossar – Smith and Scotty Beaven who along with Grahame Allen willingly volunteered to be elevated from B Grade. However after a few laps Evans and Hoyal upped the anti-so all the A grade newcomers knew this was the standard needed to stay in touch.

Michael Haseldine joined Hoyal with Beaven, Evans and Bridgewater right on their wheels in fact there wasn’t much between all nine riders as they sped through laps seven and eight. The FIELD OF Ten became 19 as the A grade boys swept up on the outside of the C grade riders and as they passed Gary Haydon had assumed control from Bernard Cossar-Smith followed by Hoyal, Evans and Sciani. Well into the race Haseldine, Bridgewater and Beaven took their turn in matching anything forth coming from Haydon, Evans or Hoyal.

Around laps 16 and 17 Grahame Allen drifted quietly off the back and not long after that Nathan Sciani called it a Morning both gathering the applaud it’s from the crowd for their gallant efforts. PRIOR THE SPRINT LAP Bridgewater led Beaven and Haydon with the other six riders right on their hammer. In for the sprint Bridgewater was in front however Evans gabbed him 30 metres out and took the points from Peter and Dominic Hoyal third.

Sprint gone and Scott Beaven enjoying his time in the A’s snuck a break chased By Haseldine and BRIDGEWATER with Beaven clinging on to a small margin for a couple of laps until chased down this time by Evans. Your turn my turn as Gary Haydon was back in front. With only 3 laps to go Evans moved smoothly to the lead in turn joined by Michael Haseldine, Haydon, Bridgewater and Hoyal lurking just behind them, all riders still in with a show. Haseldine led into the final lap from Bridgewater, Evans and Hoyal with Haydon who had just rolled off the front still in contention.

As they swung up the rise in the Ponzo St Straight Wayne Evans had shot clear with Dominic Hoyal in hot pursuit and the pair drew away to fight out the finish both riders giving it plenty Evans appeared to have an extra kick as Hoyal almost drew level and Wayne prevailed Oh so narrowly from Hoyal with Peter Bridgewater third and he was followed by Scott Beaven and Michael Haseldine. Scotty Beaven in finishing fourth was an outstanding ride seeing the elevation to A Grade as was Bernard Cossar Smith who did POWER OF WORK THROUGH OUT THE EVENT. However all honours were with the winner as he capped of an amazing month of cycling.

The race had its lighter moments when the course commentator was strongly HECKLED by the knowledgeable crowd when he was heard to say (‘’the way Grahame Allen is going he could still be pedalling at midnight “) Not the way it was meant what he really meant was Grahame although well behind is tough enough to be still going at MIDNIGHT, however the reference to Forest Gump also brought BRONX CHEERS FROM THE Crowd. So with the microphone still attached and nowhere to hide. The Commentator had to hope that the affable Allen either didn’t hear him or that he would be forgiven. Fortunately Grahame saw the humour of it all.


Twenty one Competitors and BANG straight into stride Gavin Butler and Shane Gelling set off at a cracking pace and quickly established an early break catching 19 riders by surprise and the pair led out for the first 3 laps. They were then gathered in by Daniel Simpson, Don Huyser, Tobia Kipper and Jason Berry- Porter and the huge field was set for another thrilling B grade race.

Riders showing out early were the above mentioned plus Neil Gregory, Gavin Scott, Ken Dyson, and Nathan Bursztynowicz then throw in Michael Mehonoshon , Matt Powe and Shawn Garraway and  boy the race was ON. Then it was Jim Dorney throwing his hat in the ring as they shot through eight laps. Then again  Jason Berry – Porter this time FOLLOWED THROUGH BY Gavin Scott and they  established a small break which took the field through to 11 laps when the pair where reeled in by Kipper, Andrew Harper, Tyson Sundman and Tiago Torres.

Next to turn on the heat was Jamie Holman having his first ride since being successful at the last Bramston Race. Jamie led and snuck an eight second break until entering the final lap before the sprint. This time it was Gavin Butler, Gavin Scott, Matt Powe and Ken Dyson sweeping to the front however over rise in the SPRINT it was the unmistakable style of Shane Gelling who careered away with a comfortable win from Tiago Torres followed by Tyson Sundman, Tobia Kipper and Jim Dorney.

Post Sprint saw Matt Powe rolling back off the lead allowing Jamie Holman to again assume control with Ken Dyson, Gavin Scott, Mick Mehonoshon and Jim Dorney. As Mick Mehonoshon regained the lead it was noticeable that Felix Graf was edging his way into contention as was Nathan Bursztynowicz and Liam Mc Donald. Matt Powe had his turn in front again handing up to Nathan as they sped towards the final laps.

With the race heading for the last three the Muscle Man Gavin Butler momentarily struck the front from Torres, Gregory, Scott, Dorney, Berry-Porter and Dyson race on.  However more was to come as Mick Mehonoshon and Tobia Kipper had a brave attempt at snatching a decent lead only to be collared by Andrew Harper who shot to the front with 3 left and he led until the penultimate lap with Matt Powe trying hard to reel him in, in company with Butler, Kipper, Gelling and Scott.

Bell Lap Harper was still holding on from Scott and Felix Graf who had steadily been sneaking ground over the past few laps and the young rider was now in this up to his ears. Trying desperately to jump across came Sundman, Kipper and Bursztynowicz. The Final Straight it was now a race of four Harper, Scott, Graf and Sundman up over the rise Harper and Graf had the edge and Try as he might to hold on Andrew Harper was unable to hold off Felix Graf in a very clever ride Felix arrived in time   to defeat Andrew with Gavin Scott not far away in third spot followed by Tyson Sundman, Jim Dorney, Tiago Torres  and Michael Reid in a ripping B Grade race at Woree.

A special mention to Michael Reid in his first Criterium in Cairns he did well to roll along in the strong field. Michael stuck with them all the way and will greatly derive benefit from the ride.


Eight starters away and Kath Deed led out from CAIRNS BICYCLE CENTRES OWN Nathan Jones followed by Al Hodge and Mark Smedts. Every rider in this division had their turn at pace making early Kane Hodge, Damien Smith, Cody Haseldine and Emma Simpson where always prominent until around lap 9 when Mark Smedts had a crack and the pace quickened Smedts then was the lamp lighter for the next few laps.

Heading to the sprint lap Emma Simpson became the new leader with Kane Hodge on her wheel followed by Kath Deed and the Jones Boy. During this lap Mark Smedts slipped into overdrive and swinging into the straight Smedts had the Sprint well in his keeping and Mark went on to defeat Al Hodge and Damien Smith third. A lap later Cody Haseldine was leading when the A grade sailed past meaning riders everywhere as the whistle sounded for the A grade sprint  lap all riders both grades knowingly giving each plenty of room showing the high standard of cycling in the region.

Swinging out of our sight Kath Deed led Cody Haseldine and Nathan Jones however again Mark Smedts powered to the lead only to find Emma Simpson and Kath Deed reel him and with only 3 to go any of the eight riders could win. This time Nathan Jones and Damien Smith rolled to the front together. Two out and it was Smedts back in front from Al Hodge, Jones and Emma Simpson blimey where to look. At the bell the order was Al Hodge, Jones, Simpson, Haseldine, Kane Hodge, Kath Deed, Smedts and Smith.

Swinging for home we had five main contenders Smedts, Kane Hodge, Nathan Jones, Cody Haseldine and Emma Simpson in the fly to the line Mark Smedts over the rise in front however young Cody Haseldine was powering down the outside and in the drive to the line Cody outgunned Mark with Kane Hodge third followed by Emma and The Sponsor Nathan Jones next in an exciting C Grade finish.


In the D’s only two staters but what a great match race Ben Riley v’s the Wily Warrior Jeffrey Hartley from start to finish BEN and JEFF lap after lap wheel for wheel tyre to tyre they did battle, the sprint going to Hartley over Riley onward ever onward the two took turns, the question was being asked would Hartley still have the legs in the final dash to the line, and there was nothing in it as the two riders flashed across the line only this time the honours were with Ben Riley in an interesting duel between two very competitive riders.

A lot of social riding all over the place had the field dwindle away to only two women. The ever improving Jamie Thurtell and a brand new rider in Julie Scharf however joining the girls for more than moral support was Kath Deed already having competed in C Grade. Both D and the Women rode off together Jamie doing exceptionally well sticking with the men for a good period of the race and by taking the sprint points and the overall victory Jamie has an excellent chance of standing high on the podium when we have the final of the CAIRNS BICYCLE CENTRE in a couple of weeks.

On the other hand Julie Scharf became an instant favourite. This was her first ever race having only ridden socially prior this Julie admitted to the Course Commentator that she wanted to give up a long way out however with the crowd right behind her and the support of Grahame Allen who jumped on her wheel and rode in support. Julie teeth grinding put up an amazing performance to keep on keeping on, every time Julie and Grahame circled the course the big crowd where right behind her as she actually sprinted over the line in SECOND place.

We certainly hope we can attract more women which in turn would make more women like Julie feel a lot more comfortable.

Hats off to Nathan and his sponsorship all our volunteers to Mundi and Glenys and a special thanks to Kim who needs a tape recorder when Kim is taking notes lap after lap.