Road Marshals

What are Race Marshals and Officials?

To conduct races.
To conduct races we need race officials.

As members we are obliged to make ourselves available as race officials to ensure races can be conducted.

The purpose of this page is to allow members to fulfil their obligations to officiate at races of their preference prior to automatic allocation of duties by the committee.

The number of duties undertaken/offered is recorded and measures are in place ensuring everybody fulfils his or her requirements as members.

A club member may utilize an appropriate family member or friend to fulfil the member’s duties.

Criterium officials will be sourced at the event except for the Commissaire and recognition for marshalling at Criterium’s will be equivalent to ½ a duty.

Officials Duties Defined.

Commissaire’s must be appropriately licensed and (apart from own duties) are responsible for the collection of necessary equipment and the set-up of the course.

Escort Vehicles are utilised to lead and follow riders as requested by Commissaire.

Marshals are persons with own transport, being able to carry necessary signs and equipment, to various points throughout the race-course, to assist in the control and supervision of the cyclists.

How To Use This Page.

Each row displays the event details and the officials required, displayed as (# registered) of (# required).

Click on the event you wish to help officiate.

In the next page if all officials’ duties are not taken, you will be able to select a task and enter your name for that task

Please note: Once registered for an Officials position you cannot remove it.

To request the editing of entries or if you have any other difficulties please contact us via:

Marshal equipment required

  • Equipment requirements to be addressed for each race
  • First aid kits
  • Warning lights
  • Car signs (cyclist following & cyclist ahead)
  • Witches hats
  • Rider numbers
  • Road signs various types
  • Whistle & stop watch
  • Vests fluoro
  • Red flags
  • Finish flag
  • 3 & 2 laps sign (for crits)
  • Bell (for crits)
  • Radios
  • Permits
  • RMP’s and other maps for marshals
  • Hammer for sign stakes
  • Stakes (to support signs)
  • Note pad and pen for Commissaire (Commissaire responsibility)

Register as a Marshal

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